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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use MING messenger in my Enterprise?

The emergence of Enterprise Instant Messaging promises a revolution in communications within corporations and between businesses. MING Messenger is a secured private IM system designed for enterprise. Unlike public instant messaging networks that are geared for entertainment purposes, the Enterprise Instant Messenger (EIM) must conform to a higher standard in two critical areas. One is Secure, it provides the means to control, limit access to, and protect vital communications and data transported through the network. The other is manageability, the system administrator can create and delete user account easily and manage them in groups, and accurate records of all conversations through the network are stored for the end user and administrator.

Can I make Multi-party or conference calls?

Yes you can! MING messenger allowed you to speak with unlimited  other people at the same time (Depending on the network bandwidth and processor's performance) ! Up to 4 people can speak at the same time.

Do I need a domain for MING messenger Server?

No, you don't have to. Just tell the visitors IP Address of your computer. We recommend you register a free domain at for your computer.

Can I use MING messenger through internet? 

Yes, you can. There are two ways to use MING messenger. First, it can be used in local private LAN network, in this mode the internet connection is not required.  Second, it can be used in public internet. For example, one company has a headquarter and several branches, you can install the Server program in the headquarter and install the client program in all the computers of the company. So, people in different branches can communicate through MING messenger. 

Can the client program work if it's behind the NAT or firewall?

Yes, It can. The minimum requirement is that MING messenger needs unrestricted outgoing TCP access to the server's port which is configured in both server and client sides. If you donít allow this, MING messenger will not work reliably at all. Voice quality and some other aspects of MING messenger functionality will be greatly improved if you also open up outgoing UDP traffic to all ports above 1024, and allow UDP replies to come back in.

I have a webcam. Can I make video calls as well?

Yes, you can. MING messenger support rich-text/video/audio conference.

Does MING messenger contain any advertising or spyware?


I have more questions - what should I do?

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